Online Tools

Several online tools can help you quickly check your home’s value and even track changes in your home’s value. Lee County‚Äôs website allows you to check the value of your property and receive updates.


Check Lee County Home Value With Online Tools

Go to the website

Visit the Lee Country Property Appraiser website to check your property’s value or to find other properties.Lee-County-Property-Appraiser-Online-Tools Click Initial Value

You can perform various searches on the site. So, to ensure that you get the property value details, click the Property Value option before hard-coding the property details. Look for real estate appraisers online.

Write the address

Enter your accommodation address in the search bar and click Search. You will immediately receive an estimate of the value of your property.

Sign up for updates

Once the estimated value of your property is displayed, you have the opportunity to register. If you’d like to receive regular updates about your property and keep track of changes in value, it’s best to subscribe.

However, if it is a commercial property that you want to appraise, you can visit the Commercial Property Appraisal. They will be happy to help you estimate your property.

More Information About Real Estate Appraisers

The Lee County Property Appraiser website not only gives you the ability to search for properties. Also, It provides more information about the Lee County Property Appraiser office offerings. Here’s a short list of what you’ll find on the site.


For more information on the exemptions available in Lee County, the Office of the Real Estate Appraiser has a guide on how to do so. You can get information about exceptions related to widows/widowers, housing fraud, housing construction, nonprofits, veterans, conservation, seniors, and portability.

Tangible personal assets

You can also obtain information and process documents relating to movable property from the appraisal office.

Control roller

In addition to tax registration details, the office may also provide tax information about properties in that county. You can download mileage rates, Alachua annual report, DOR tax list data, tax list certifications, and even CAMA data.