For instruments registered during these periods, we will endeavor to process them before the suspension dates, depending on the complexity of the registration, division, or combination. For Lee Country Property Appraiser employees to process these requests promptly, GIS employees must have all necessary documents by the date indicated.Lee-County-Property-Appraiser

GeoView – Your Window to Property Information

In GeoView, you can access various tools and data by clicking on the icons in the four corners of your browser window. These icons toggle the menus on and off. To quickly select lots, zoom in on the lots as far as you can see them and right-click (press and hold) the lots you want to select.Lee-County-Property-Appraiser-Geoview Toolbox Tools – The top left icon opens the Map Tools menu. In this menu, you will find icons that allow you to click to zoom and pan, search lots, measure distances and areas, add and highlight your text, save your map as an image, print the visualization, and much more to display a map visualization.

LayersData – The top right icon opens the Layer Controls and Legend menu. Use the small triangles to expand the sections to have more control over each piece of data and also to be able to see the legends and review the map. Exclamation points indicate that you must zoom in to view or use this layer.

The checkboxes on the map allow you to add or remove map elements, for example, eg lot lines, zoning, sales information, and much more, in groups or individually. Use the sliders beside each layer group to show and hide the layer group on the map. Also, Identify symbols that you can use to query the map for information about the layer.

Coordinate scale and information- The icon in the lower left corner opens an area that displays the scale of the map. It also shows the mouse location in State Plane (West Florida) coordinates (feet) and latitude/longitude (degrees/minutes/seconds). You can also return to this document.